Men do not worry more about their health as women do. There are certain things that gradually grow and change a man’s health and put it in the up-front. With understanding and taking measures to improve their health can allow men to have control of their lives and minimize the incidence of diseases or illness. Probably, the problem of ED is very common in men these days and affects millions of men around the globe.


 ED is a condition with the inability to obtain or sustain an erection longer to complete the sensual activity. Although, it tends to be more common in men above the age of 40. it is a prolonged and consistent inability in men and is caused by various reasons. It might have a physical, lifestyle or psychological cause. An underlying medical condition is a primary cause for the condition. These conditions interfere with the blood flow to the male reproductive organ leading to the condition of ED. Some medical conditions that relate to the condition are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hardening of arteries, kidney disease and diseases that affect the nerves of a body.

Besides medical condition, the surgery that involves the bladder, prostate and pelvic surgery may affect nerves supplying blood to the penile area or involved in maintaining an erection. Certain hormonal balance such as low testosterone level and certain type of prescription medicines also cause the problem in men. With lifestyle implication such as lack of exercise, being overweight and exercise also affects the health of a man. The problem can be treated by taking different measures.


Oral therapy for the treatment of ED is considered first. It comes with a citrate salt of Sildenafil. Sildigra XL Plus helps excite your sensual appeal and prolongs your sensual activity. It is a good reason to choose the medicine before consultation and knowledge about the dosage and medicine. It helps in maintaining and providing hard erections during sensual copulation. The medicines related to the condition should be taken with a consultation so as to avoid severe health conditions. These medicines are useful to increase the flow of blood and the dosage depends on how long it works for the required duration. It is safe and effective if used in moderation too.