Erectile Dysfunction is an early warning sign and is defined as the powerlessness to achieve or maintain an erection. The problem is related to majorly with the circulatory system of the body. A lack of blood flow in the penile region leads to the absence of erection. It is a common problem and it increases with an increase in the age of a person. The problem is not just a single time occurrence but is a reoccurring problem. It negatively interferes with the sensual life of a person.


Several factors affect the sensual health of a person and can cause ED in men. As the erection process is maintained by the brain and nerves, a minor ailment or disease can have a great impact on the sensual health of a person. Due to the persistent problem, a man becomes anxious while performance and loses its erection early. Relationship related anxiety or stress, increased alcoholic consumption, distraction might lead to sensual problem. The arousal of the problem might be a concern of other numerous health factors such as psychological, physiological and root health conditions.


A healthy lifestyle that helps to avoid problems can help with proper blood flow in the body. The symptoms of ED can be an early warning sign for a person and a man can experience a wake-up call for the related issue. The problem can be diagnosed by self or can be done with the help of a doctor. After diagnosing the problem, the treatment becomes easy. Treatment with the help of diagnosed issues works effectively and provides beneficial results. The conventional oral medications, suspensions, injections are helpful to treat the moderate to severe condition.


The first-line treatment of ED is done with the help of Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil and Tadalafil medicines that come with PDE-5 inhibitor enzymes. The enzymes help the cGMP level to increase the flow of blood in the penile area sufficient to gain an erection. To maintain the ability to have stronger erections treatment of overall health is needed. Sildigra 50mg manufacturers interfere Sildenafil Citrate with 50mg composition in the medicine to help treat the condition of ED in men. The medicine works with sensual stimulation and has a lasting impact of more than 4 hours. When used in moderation. It provides effective and proficient results.