Erectile Dysfunction is a common and troubling sensual health condition. It occurs when a man gets continual difficulty in maintaining or sustaining an erection. The condition mostly relates to ageing men compared to younger men. Sometimes the problem occurs gradually or it might steep. It may have a significant effect on men’s sensual life.


The symptom of the problem might be arousal of various health conditions. Lack of erection with sensual penetration also leads to the condition. The risk of ED problem increases with an increase in the age of a person. The problem might arise with or without sensual dysfunction. Decreased interest, trouble in achieving an erection, lack of ejaculation, premature ejaculation or other genital conditions relates to the problem of ED in men.

High blood pressure, heart conditions, clogged or blocked arteries, hardening of arteries, nerve damage due to diabetes, vascular disease, low testosterone level are some of the conditions that lead to the problem of ED in men. Having cardiovascular disease is the first indication that a person is suffering from the impotence problem. The problem occurs due to numerous health causes. Treating the condition in time helps reduce the worsening of the problem.


Erectile Dysfunction is not a disease but a chronic condition that can be treated at any age in men. Changing lifestyle to a healthier life and taking phosphodiesterase type-5 oral medicines are useful to treat moderate to severe health conditions. The medicine comes with a wide range and helps restore physical and psychological ED health condition in men. These conventional medicines such as Sildenafil citrate, Vardenafil and Tadalafil are effective and improves the quality of sensual life.


Kamini oral jelly comes with Sildenafil Citrate as the main composition and is helpful in treating the condition in men. The jelly helps treat ED in older men as well without any gulping issue. When taken one hour before sensual activity, the jelly works with sensual penetration leading an erection to complete the sensual activity. The medicine comes in a wide range of oral medicine, jelly and suspension form to treat other sensual health condition in men. The jelly is more effective when used in moderation.

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