When blood rushes to the male reproductive organ, a man can get an erection. It is the nitric oxide that helps relax the muscles of the penile and makes it wider to have arousal. Immense distress and embarrassment in a relationship can cause the problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is generally categorized as impotence, a problem where a person is unable to achieve or sustain an erection.

Most of the men do not seek medical treatment with the problem. However, the problem of ED is a manageable condition and the issues can be improved enormously with alternate medications. Recognising erectile difficulties is not a concern if it is not a frequent problem. When the blood flow and nerve supply are not functioning well, the problem of ED gets a lead to increase causing lack of rigidity.


ED can often occur as an early sign of things such as vascular disease, diabetes, stress, anxiety, heart irregularities, nerve damage, mental and emotional stress, physical ailment. The majority of men with the problem of diabetes can have this problem. It directly links to the insufficient blood supply to the penile area. Hormonal changes, obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are also some of the contributing factors.


 If the problem of ED is a result of something like obesity, smoking, stress, diabetes or mental or physical health issues, it is best to improve the root cause of the problem. It helps in promoting optimal health before working on the symptoms of ED. To promote positive health, diagnosing of the problem in an appropriate way is required. Further treatment may include oral medications as a first-line treatment to help reduce the impact of ED in men.

Prevention of ED should be the first priority for men regardless of the age factor. Oral medications such as Sildigra CT7 chewable tablets are best and effective to treat the problem efficiently with an economic rate. The medicine helps in improving the sensitivity with an improvement in blood flow and relaxation of blood vessels. Practising regular penile health and hygiene helps in improving the sensual health of a person. The medicine works with a rapid onset to improve the ability to achieve or sustain an erection.